Bike and Barge Tours in Holland and Europe

8 day quality tours by bike and barge. Discover a unique combination of cycling and cruising. More than 70 bike and barge trips in 15 countries, from March until October. Book one of our full-service Bike and Barge Tours in Europe and discover our exquisite cycling and sailing concept. A Bike and Barge Tour provides wonderful cycle rides over beautiful cycle paths in more than 10 European countries, cycling at your own pace, or in a group with an experienced tour guide. You will receive detailed maps and travel information each day. Stop at the sights you would like to explore, and if you do not feel like cycling, you can always opt to stay on the boat for a day: this is the unique Bike and Barge Tour concept!

Enjoy many benefits

  • Cycling through cities, beaches, dunes and more
  • Cruising on rivers, canals, sea and lake
  • During the bike tours plenty of time to visit exciting cities
  • The evening after cycling and cruising sights, attractions and shops within walking distance of the ship

Beautiful cycling routes

  • Cycling at your own pace or in a small group with an experienced tour guide, ca. 25 to 50 kilometers per day
  • Bicycles and (at more and more tours) e-bikes incl. bicycle bag rental
  • Clear cycling maps, directions and tips
  • Always well-signposted cycle paths or calm roads
  • Mainly on flat roads: for both beginners and recreationists (in Southern Europe: Also routes with greater elevation)

Bike and Barge Tours

Cruising and stay in a comfortable, well-equipped barge.
  • Cruise and stay on barge for smaller (12-25) and large groups up to 150 people
  • Your hotel room travels with you, every night you sleep in the same bed
  • Cabins with private shower and toilet, often equipped with air conditioning
  • Usually single beds, incl. Use of towels and bed linen
  • Restaurant, large sundeck, cozy living room / lounge with bar, often with Wi-Fi