Who we are 

We at Boat Bike Tours strive to give our guests a unique cycling cruise experience. This includes a well-defined route, social and experienced tour leaders, great service on our ships, a hospitable crew, and delicious food…  Basically, everything you could want and need for an amazing bike and barge holiday! 


It all started forty years ago with Channel Cruises Holland (CCH). One man (Arie Krüse), a few passenger ships and a group of enthusiastic travelers. The word spread and so did his fleet; he soon had to hire barges from other owners. The business kept on expanding and in 1995 Jan Timmermans took over Arie’s business.  

In the late 90’s, more and more guests started asking for a certain Dutch extra during their sailing trips, et voila: our bikes made their entry. This concept turned out to be such a great success that the CCH team decided to launch a new brand: Boat Bike Tours (BBT). CCH continued renting out motor boats for group cycling holidays; of course, with the same level of service as BBT tours. Nowadays, Boat Bike Tours is an official and proud younger sister company of Channel Cruises Holland. 

In January this year, we welcomed Eurosail Travel as the newest member of our family. Owner Jossie Verkerk and her team of associated ship captains and owners fitted perfectly into our concept and crew. Eurosail has four wonderful barges and a dozen tours on offer, all of which are very nicely run. 


Over the past years, we have been able to make a lot of people happy on their bike and barge tours. We read their reviews, and also take note of the opinions of our tour leaders and ship crew, using these to develop new touring techniques and to think of fun excursions to make our tours even more exciting, comfortable and meticulously thought-through.  


All of this could not have been possible without our wonderful team! A team consisting of both the old guard and a bunch of fresh faces, who come together to create a crew of excellent, hardworking people. Each and every single one caring and committed to our cause.  

It’s nice to meet you! 

What we do 

Boat Bike Tours: Actually, the name says it all. At least to most readers — interpretation can differ! But yes, it has something to do with boats, with bikes, and with tours. The holidays we offer are cycling trips where you sleep on board a comfortable ship. That is it.  

Of course, there is so much more: There are the places you visit, the people you meet, the excellent food and service aboard the ships, the experienced tour leaders, the detailed maps we provide, the bikes you can rent… Boat Bike Tours is all of this. And you make the rest.  

Benefits and charms 

For five days, a week or two weeks (depending on the tour you pick) you will explore a region and discover all there is to see in the beautiful places along our routes. Mostly by bike and by ship, but also on foot. For each of our tours (in this magazine and on our website) the possible types of tour guidance and the intensity of the cycling routes will be pointed out with icons.  

Then we have the motorized and sailing ships on which you’ll find your accommodation. Each offers well-equipped cabins that provide a comfortable stay and every morning a different view. There is a variety of cabin types, with varying comfort and extras, but all of them have private bathrooms and offer good food (breakfast, a take-out lunch, and a three-course dinner) and a well-stocked bar.  

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