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Since 1977

Channel Cruises Holland (CCH) was founded in 1977 by Arie Krüse, owner of a number of passenger ships. First he only used his own ships, but the number of bookings soon increased and a booking office was set up, with the possibility of hiring ships from third parties. This construction led to an increasing conflict of interest. This is why CCH was taken over by Jan Timmermans in 1995 (one of the first co-workers) in the role of managing director / owner. Mr Krüse kept his own ships. After a while, they also started on marketing and sales activities for sailing boats from the head office in Monnickendam.

Large growth spurt in the 90s

From the middle of the 90s, CCH took a large step forwards thanks to the development of ‘Cycling and Boating holidays’, a brand new concept offering tourists a week’s all-in stay on a top-quality boat. This concept turned out to be a big success and CCH is now market leader on the international market. The cycling and boating holidays are presented under the brand name ‘Boat Bike Tours’. And from 2000, CCH, formerly ‘renter of boats’, was starting to evolve into a ‘Tour Operator’.

Takeover and merger

Laurens Winkel, of ‘de Zeilvaart’ (ZE) was interested in merging with CCH for his charter activities. At the same time Jan was looking for a partner, a larger organisation to help with management and growth. This resulted in ‘de Zeilvaart’ taking over CCH in 2007. All CCH’s Tour Operator’s activities (bicycle/boat) and ZE (sailing) were integrated in Monnickendam. In 2008, CCH was merged with Naupar (Nautische Partners, ZE’s sister company with Hanzestad Compagnie). From 2009, Naupar focussed on its core business; charter activities for Dutch traditional sailing ships.

In the year 2009

Channel Cruises Holland is a trade name of Channel Cruises Holland BV. CCH continued on as a separate company: the original basis (renting out motor boats for group cycling holidays) has been extended with an own programme of sailing holidays on the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea under the name ‘Sailing Adventure Tours’ and the renting out of sailing ships for sea trips. The cycling/boating holidays have been set up in a separate BV (sister company of CCH, Boat Bike Tours BV) that arranges cycling/boating holidays under the trade name Boat Bike Tours.

Boat Bike Tours

Unique Boat Bike holidays

Boat Bike Tours offers full-service bike-boat holidays in the Netherlands and Flanders, and many other countries in Europe. Our guests from around the world, who come to Boat Bike Tours for this unique concept, stay for a week aboard a comfortable passenger barge. While the guests are cycling along numerous attractions during the day, the ship sails to the next port. Both the vessel and cycle route runs along beautiful, often historic sites. So every day again offers a new experience and a new environment. Meanwhile, guests can enjoy the comfort that they sleep in the same bed every night and don't have to pack and unpack luggage. Who doesn't want to cycle during a day, can remain on board and enjoy sailing to the next port. The bikes are parked on the deck. All tours are offered on full board basis.

Channel Cruises Holland

Ships for groups

Channel Cruises Holland (CCH) is active in mediating in sailing holidays for groups on ships for 40 years. All of these are inclusive experienced crew. The route is chosen in consultation with Boat Bike Tours and the skipper. The ships are spread across Europe; including the IJssel, Rhine, Mosel and Danube.