Croatia cycling tour

Boat Bike Tours offers two cycling tours in Croatia; cycling tour: Kvarner Bay and cycling tour: Southern Dalmatia. Are you a cyclist who loves a challenge? Try one of our cycling tours in Croatia! You will go on a sporty cycling tour through the Croatian hills and mountains and visit the loveliest places. The boat will take you from island to island, the cycling tour in Croatia is an attractive combination of bike rides and sailing.The stunning islands in the Adrian Sea just off the coast of Croatia are a fabulous destination to explore by bike and boat. The steep rocky countryside is filled with challenging hikes, and once you reach the top just hold your breath for the views of beautiful bays filled with crystal clear turquoise water. Your boat will dock in small historic ports, spotted with palm trees and colourful flowers everywhere you turn. The warm climate is perfect for orange, lemon and fig trees. Besides going on bike rides, you will also be exploring the town centres on foot.