Bike Tours France – Bordeaux and Champagne

Are you a lover of fine wine and cycling holidays? Then holiday destinations don’t come any better than the French city of Bordeaux, which offers both cycling adventures and tempting vintages! Situated in the sun-drenched southwest of France, the city of Bordeaux is widely recognized as one of the world’s largest and greatest wine cities and, as a bonus for cycling enthusiasts, is considered one of the most picturesque places in the country to enjoy a bike tour. The Bordeaux bike and boat tour will explore the Bordeaux wine region and department Gironde, discovering castles, grand architecture, beautiful rivers, tempting cafés, superb museums, world-class vineyards and the bike-friendly, cultural city of Bordeaux itself.

And, of course, the carefully chosen cycling routes which will lead you back to your boat hotel every night.

Besides the Bordeaux tour, Boat Bike Tours offers four other cycling and cruising tours in France. Take a look at the tours mentioned below and pick your favorite.

Bike Tours France — The Seine Valley, Champagne, Paris - Bruges, Provence.

Our Seine Valley tour bike tour starts in Paris, not far from France’s most famous cathedral, Notre Dame. However, you’ll soon head out of the city, towards the castle, royal garden and woods of Fontainebleau, before moving to the Loing River and canal du Centre. Your bike and boat adventure will finish (or start) in the beautiful canal town of Montargis. The Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon invented champagne in 1670, making the region of Champagne synonymous with a delicious glass of bubbly, but our Champagne bike and boat tour is also a French classic! You’ll start or end in Paris, cycling through the Marne River Valley, sampling the nectar of the Champagne UNESCO world heritage region, devouring local Brie cheese in the city of Meaux and will even have the chance to visit the massive champagne cellars of Epernay, the Champagne region capital. Discover the delights of Northern France and Belgium with our Paris to Bruges cycling and barge tours, which follow the rivers Seine, Oise, Somme, Scarpe, and Scheld. Trace the footsteps of renowned artists, cycle through gorgeous farmland landscapes and marvel at palaces and cathedrals along the way. Finally, fans of diverse natural landscapes will love the Provence tour, which passes through the beautiful South France region of Camargue and includes the impressive Roman Pont du Gard and typical Provence Landscapes. If it’s good enough to inspire Van Gogh, it’s good enough for us!

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