Highlights of this tour

Tuscany and its breathtaking scenery

Picturesque medieval towns and beaches

Islands of Elba and Giglio

Tallship with max. 34 passengers

  • Fully-guided: A tour leader will guide you during the cycling days
  • Semi-guided: Daily briefing by the tour leader, independent cycling but tour leader available ICE.
  • Independent: No tour leader, the ships’ crew does daily briefing, independent cycling
guidance Fully-guided
  • Level 1: easy tours, very flat terrain
  • Level 2: quite easy tours, mostly flat terrain
  • Level 3: requires a higher level of exertion, medium hilly terrain
  • Level 4: for experienced cyclists, hilly terrain with climbs
Difficulty level 3 Difficulty level 3
Duration of the tour.
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Italy: Sail & Bike Highlights of Tuscany | Sailing Ship Atlantis

The south of Italy – could there be a higher epitome of summer living? If you look at Tuscany, no! Just think of what comes to mind… Tuscany: the sighing sea at your feet, rolling hills to the sky, the fusion of modern and classic architecture, the singsong Italian language, the aroma of citrus fruits, sea salt and herbs, and, of course, the fantastic cuisine and wine. Italy is balsam for the soul! If this description has you pining for Italy’s ‘dolce vita’, then think about joining us in the magnificent scenery of Tuscany on our Sail & Bike tour.

Get on your bike and cycle in the land of the ancient Etruscan civilization, weaving your way through vineyards, olive groves, bucolic countryside, fields of sunflowers and stands of Cypress trees. Imagine riding into vibrant, picture-postcard villages that appear unchanged since medieval times — and then swapping cobblestoned streets for sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, and refreshing swims in the sparkling deep blue.

If you join us, you’ll find a home away from home on The Atlantis. This ship will be both your accommodation and vessel as you make your relaxed way along the Tuscan coast, with a true seafaring atmosphere unfolding under its giant sails. It’ll be both your springboard to wonderful daily cycling adventures — and a literal springboard if you feel like diving into the calm coastal waters!

Take note: Because this is a new itinerary, it is subject to change as we continue to perfect it. We ask for your understanding and flexibility regarding any changes to the tour program which might occur.

Day to day program

We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary, depending on wind and weather conditions or organizational requirements. Depending on the direction of the prevailing winds, this tour can also take place in reverse order.

Day 1 (Saturday): Boarding in Porto Santo Stefano

Boarding takes place from 6 pm in Porto St. Stefano, a vibrant harbor town on the Monte Argentario Peninsula’s northern coast. Those who arrive earlier are welcome to check their luggage in after 2 pm — and then treat themselves to a relaxed walk through the old town’s romantic pastel-hued streets. You’ve made it! Or perhaps you still have some more time on your hands? Then definitely take a stroll up to the Spagnola fortress, which has watched over the city since the 17th century. By that point, you’ll have worked up a decent appetite, and — perfect timing — your first onboard meal will let you meet your new travel partners, tour leaders and crew before you bed down for the night in your cozy floating hotel.

Day 2 (Sunday): Monte Argentario Peninsula to Talamone (approx. 20 mi/1148 ft. –  33 km/350 m elevation)


You will depart from Porto Santo Stefano by bike, cycling along the Via Panoramica as it leads you along the coastline. Obviously, the views are breathtaking as you pedal your way through Cape Punta Lividonia vistas, watching out over the inviting Italian waters. Two imposing Spanish fortresses will welcome you into Porto Ercole, from which point you’ll navigate to the shimmering, wildlife-filled waters of the Lagune de Ortobello, before making your way back to the Atlantis in Porto Santo Stefano. Tonight you’ll unfurl sails and ship towards Talamone.

Day 3 (Monday): Giglio Island to Castiglione della Pescaia (approx. 9 mi/1968 ft. – 15 km/600 m elevation)


When viewing Tuscany’s archipelago from above, you’ll find the Island of Giglio hidden away in the south of its collection of islands — and what a beautiful surprise it is! Verdant wooded areas, mountains, untouched nature, and, of course, the Tyrrhenian Sea! Today’s tour is a little more challenging but worth it — you’ll depart from the Port of Giglio to island’s interior, headed for the medieval town of Castello, which, as the name suggests, is ringed by fortifications. You may have to make a decent climb to get there, but this means that it’s all downhill on the other side, bringing you to the far side of the island, where you can cool off at the beaches of Giglio. Then it’s time to thread your way back to Giglio Port, order a glass of wine and enjoy the view as you sail on to Castiglione.

Day 4 (Tuesday): Castiglione della Pescaia to Island Elba, Porto Azzurro (approx. 31 mi/1443 ft. – 50 km/440 m elevation)

Today’s touring offers you a diverse smorgasbord of Tuscan delights, so enjoy an Italian coffee with breakfast to keep your eyes wide open, and pedal along flat roads to the Bruna River Delta, home of the Diaccia Boltrona conservation park. Soon you’ll be passing expansive salt flats and entering slightly-hillier countryside, passing through forested land, and powering on as you emerge into typical Tuscan landscapes filled with olive trees and grape vines. Before you know it, you’ll be back in Castiglione and sailing on to Elba Island and your port for the night — Porto Azzurro.

Day 5 (Wed): Elba Island to Punta Ala (approx. 18 mi/1640 ft. – 30 km/500 m elevation)

Isola d’Elba is Italy’s third-largest island and has plenty to offer in terms of natural splendor and Italian heritage. Leave the former fishing village of Porto Azzurro behind, swapping its sandy beaches and ‘azzurro’ waters for the island interior as you ride on up to the calm old town of Capoliveri, where you’ll have plenty of time to catch your breath and find a tasty treat and refreshments in a local cafe. Your ride through Elba history continues as you reach the hill village of Rio nell’Elba — one of the island’s most venerable settlements — and then coast down to the watchtower of Rio Marina. From here, you’ll follow the coastline to Cavo, where the Atlantis will pick you up for your next adventure. Lift the anchors, we’re off to Punta Ala.

Day 6 (Thursday): Cape Punta Ala to Talamone (approx. 18 mi/1410 ft. – 30 km/430 m elevation)

Have a good breakfast this morning, as you’ll be faced with a decent uphill ride first thing, before enjoying the downhill rush along the Via Rio Palma to inviting beach of La Rochette. Just try to resist that water! Things are a tad more relaxed after this, following quiet roads to Plan d’Alma and its medieval tower, before biking through wetland areas as you return to Punta Ala. Tonight you’ll spend the evening in Talamone, so it’s time to cycle back to Cape Punta Ala to board The Atlantis once more.

Day 7 (Friday): Talamone to Porto St. Stefano (approx. 25 mi/1476 ft. –  40 km/450 m of elevation)

Wake up in the watersports mecca of Talamone, saddle up and hit the road for the personification of typical Tuscany: Magliano. On the way, you’ll pass the lovely Lago Poggio, but its medieval Magliano that will stay in your mind for years to come. While you’ve already passed countless olive groves, Magliano boasts Tuscany’s oldest olive tree, which is estimated to be 2000 years old. And, of course, this gorgeous city also has much more history and heritage hidden away behind its iconic city gates. After plenty of exploring, soak up one final impression of Tuscany as you ride to Talamone, feel the embrace of the sea breeze on your final ship leg, to Porto St. Stefano, and top it all off with a wonderful meal with your traveling companions.

Day 8 (Saturday): Disembarkment Porto St. Stefano

Enjoy one final breakfast on board, before disembarking at 9 am. Now the choice is yours — head home with a wealth of marvelous Tuscan memories — or stay longer in Tuscany to make even more!

Good to know

We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary, depending on wind and weather conditions or organizational requirements. Depending on the direction of the prevailing winds, this tour can also take place in reverse order.

All distances are “approximate distances” of recommended bike tours. The tour details are barring changes, a.o. as a result of nautical, technical or meteorological reasons.

We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary, depending on wind and weather conditions or organizational requirements. Depending on the direction of the prevailing winds, this tour can also take place in reverse order.

Level 2 – 3
The cycle routes require an advanced level of fitness from the participants. The daily routes have a length of 15 – 24 mi./25 – 40 km. They lead through hilly or mountainous areas and will be completed without any time-constraints. The cycle tours consist of up to 2,132 – 3,937 ft/650 – 1200 m of elevation collectively. There are also some extended climbs where walking your bicycle is of course permitted. Most of the roads are asphalted although we will also ride on gravel roads. Your tour guide informs you each day about the tour details. Helmet use is mandatory on all cycle tours. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own (well-fitted) helmet. Cycle helmets are available on board in limited number (on request). You are free to set aside a half or full day to swim or spend on board the boat, instead of taking a planned cycle tour.

We believe that only children in a good physical condition and with a minimum age of 10 and previous bicycle tour experience are able to master the cycle tours on their own strength. Please note that the minimum height for a rental bike is 1.30 m (4”3’).

This tour includes half board. Due to the differing daily programs, some days will have no warm meals included while others will include both lunch and dinner on board. Breakfast is available on board every day.

Due to our international audience all tours are conducted bilingually, in English and German.

Good to know
Luggage: Please bring your personal belongings in foldable travel bags. Please avoid hard protective cases. They will be too large and heavy to store within your cabin.
Payment on Board: cash only

Characteristic features of Harbours & Places to drop anchor
The Tallships mostly do not fit into small fishing harbors and therefore spend the majority of their nights on anchor. This means that a dinghy transfer is necessary to get to land. Surefootedness and a certain degree of agility are required to get on and off the boat. Needless to say, our tour guides will lend you a helping hand. In general: Wind, swell and tidal differences have a significant influence on a Tallship journey.

Prices & information

Prices & availability

Below you see an overview of the available (blue) dates; the yellow dot means that this date has 2 or less cabins available, orange is ‘on request’ and red means that on this date there aren’t any cabins available. Then click on the preferred date. After this, choose your ship (some tours have only one ship, and therefore there is no choice), the number of cabins in the required (and available) category, any desired additional products, and ‘local costs’ (such as special dietary needs, which you usually pay for onboard). On the right side, you’ll find the ‘Booking Summary.’ After completing your preferences and necessary information click ‘Book now’ to finalize your booking.

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Pricing overview
Cabin type For all departure dates
Twin cabin below deck 2 pers. €1590
Included in this tour

8-day-trip on a tall ship with a crew

7 nights on a tall ship in a standard double cabin with shower/toilet)

Catering as mentioned in the itinerary (7x breakfast & 7x warm meals on board)

Guided or individual cycling tours as described in itinerary

Bed linen and towels (incl. change of towels once a week)

Overview-maps for the daily tours (on board)

English and German speaking tour leader

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Excluded in this tour

Travel to Porto St. Stefano (Monte Argentario Peninsula)

Rental bicycle or E-Bike (optional)

Rental bicycle helmet (optional)

Entrance fees & excursions not mentioned in the itinerary

Please bring your own beach towel, if needed

Meals and beverages ashore

Other transfers

Beverages on board (tally sheet; to be paid to the captain)

Personal (travel) insurances

Parking fee

Tips for tour leaders and crew (at your discretion)

Additional options & information

Rental bike with Ortlieb pannier:

  • hybrid bicycle: €80 /week;
  • E-bike: €160 /week (limited, on request)
  • Insurance against theft and damage of the rental bike: hybrid bicycle: €10 /week; e-bike: €20 /week (not insured: grossly negligent damages)

–  ½ a double cabin (on request)
– Surcharge for a single cabin: €500
– Group transfer between Port de Soller and Airport Palma (on day of (dis)embarkation only): €30 per person/way.

Bike helmets: Helmet use is mandatory on the cycle tours. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own (well-fitted) helmet. Cycle helmets are available on board in limited number (on request).

Minimum: 16
Maximum: 34

Partner tour:
Legal notice: Boat Bike Tours is not the operator of this tour; this is a so called ‘partner tour’. Tour operator is: Inselhuepfen/Radurlaub Zeitreisen GmbH, Konstanz, Germany. Other conditions may apply to this tour: further details on request.

Available ships for this tour

Sailing ship Atlantis Italy
max. 34 passengers
17 cabins
1 tours available with this ship

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