About this ship: Romantica

The Romantica of captain Jure was launched only in May 2007. The ship is 32 m long and 7,6 m wide and it possesses a solid structural steelwork, which, as the name says, connects romance with modern trend and functionally.

Description of the cabins
16 Comfortably equipped cabins (9-10 sqm) also offer sufficient area to larger groups to accommodation. The Romantica has nine above deck cabins, of which five have a French (200 x 160 cm) and four of them separated beds (200 x 80 cm) available. There are three cabins with separated beds and two cabins with a French bed below deck. Additionally there are two more cabins, which are equipped with a French bed and a single bed (for 3 people).  The interior of the cabins is functional and bright including a bathroom with toilet, a shower cabin and wash bin, but also an air-conditioning, hair dryer, mirror and a clothes line.

Description of the ship
Both salon and exterior have upscale facilities with a lot of fine details: the salon tables are decorated with noble intarsia, the corresponding benches are covered with precious, sun yellow leather. The large sundeck on the Romantica offers plenty of space to settle back and enjoy the sun, but there are also seatings in the shade.  A characteristic of the ship is a platform at the stern of the boat, from which you can take a bath in the sea in a very comfortable way.

Facts about the ship:
Length:            32 m (105 ft.)
Width:             7,6 m (23 ft.)
Cabins:            16
Pass.:               34 (max.)