Sport cycling

Longer cycling routes for experienced cyclists

Most tours run by Boat Bike Tours cater for recreational cyclists. Daily distances vary from 40 to 60 kilometers, allowing time to visit a city or landmark, or to stop at a café along the way. But as some cyclists with more experience prefer to cover greater distances, we’re now offering extra-long cycling routes in addition to our regular itineraries.

Free Sport Cycling Package

On a selection of our tours you can choose the free ‘Sport Cycling Package’. This gives you access to extra cycling routes in the Ride with GPS app. These routes are perfectly suited to fast cyclists who enjoy covering more kilometers on a bike holiday.


What does this mean?

  • Daily access to two extra-long routes (approx. 85 or 115 km per route) in addition to the normal cycling itineraries
  • Longer distances mean seeing and discovering more, and a greater physical challenge
  • Enjoy an individual vacation with the comforts of a group trip
  • Flexibility for groups or couples with different cycling wishes – everyone rides at their own pace during the day, then sharing experiences in the evening
  • You can always also choose to ride a shorter route or to stay on board for a day


GPS bike routes available

We’ve worked out these ‘racer routes’ for you. They’re available as GPX files and in our smartphone app, Ride with GPS. Of course, you’re also free to cycle independently and plan your own route!