Tailor-made tours

Available for charters only

Besides traveling individually, it is also possible to rent a whole ship with family or friends. We call this a group booking or charter. If you decide to book a ship for your own group, we can offer you a tailor-made program. If you want to bike more or less, or spend some extra time in a city you like a lot; everything can be discussed.

Group tours without cycling
Even if you do not intend to go cycling, you can still book one of our ships for your group. In this case the ship will only be your means of accommodation and transportation, combined with a touring car and/or public transportation. More than during our cycling tours, the emphasis will be on the history and culture of the region you visit. The tour leader will offer excursions and guided (city) walks.

Our tours in the Netherlands and Belgium
The Netherlands and Belgium are perfect for a nice boat and bike vacation. The countries are mostly flat and there are separate bicycle paths almost everywhere. Many of the historic cities are situated near or along water, so the ships can moor within walking distance of the city center. Outside of the cities, the countryside is very varied and there are many places worth seeing, such as the famous Keukenhof, historical village and open air museum the Zaanse Schans, and National Park De Hoge Veluwe.

Tours all over Europe
For anyone wanting to go on a vacation per bike and ship outside of the Netherlands and Belgium for a change, Boat Bike Tours also organizes trips in Germany, France and Italy. Take a look at the ships Patria, Allure and Quo Vadis for instance. They can be found on the river Mosel in Germany and France. A splendid bicycle path runs parallel to this romantic river with its welcoming wine villages, age-old cities, and evocative castles.

Fleur and Zwaantje are ideally tailored to the small French canals and locks. For anyone who loves the unspoiled French countryside as well as good food and a good glass of wine, a cruise on one of these barges is an excellent choice. The Ave Maria and Vita Pugna sail a unique tour in the Po valley in Italy that ends in the Venetian Lagoon.

If you would like to know more about chartering your own ship and our tailor-made programs, please go to our Eurosail website; www.eurosailtravel.com.

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